click1 S3 [klık] v
1.) [I and T]
to make a short hard sound, or make something produce this sound
The door clicked shut behind me.
Mother clicked her tongue (=made a short sound to show disapproval) and sighed.
Edmund clicked his fingers (=made a short sound to get someone's attention) for John to follow him.
Sergeant Vogel clicked his heels (=hit the heels of his shoes together) and bowed.
Twist the lever and the gears click into place .
↑mousemat, ↑mouse
2.) [I and T]
to press a button on a computer ↑mouse to choose something from the screen that you want the computer to do, or to press a button on a ↑remote control
Choose the image you want by clicking twice.
Programs must grab a viewer's attention in the time it takes to click a TV remote.
click on
Children can click on a sentence to hear it read aloud.
3.) [i]informal
to suddenly understand or realize something
It's hard work, but one day it will just click .
I thought, 'What is he doing?' and then suddenly it all clicked into place (=I understood how all the events related to each other) .
4.) [i]informal
if two people click, they like, understand, and agree with each other
Petra and I clicked straight away.
5.) [i]informal
to happen in a good or successful way, especially because people are working together well
If everything clicks, we should have a good season.
click 2
click2 n
[Date: 1500-1600; Origin: From the sound]
1.) a short hard sound
The door closed with a click.
2.) the click of a mouse
used to show how quickly something can be done on a computer
Your photos can be viewed with the click of a mouse.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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